health benefits of beets

For many of us, the thought of eating beets or even juicing beets isn’t the first thing that comes to mind as a delicious option. But if you have yet to give beets a chance, now is probably the time. Loaded with nutritious qualities they also pack some unexpected health benefits that just may leave you craving more. From natural cleansing qualities, to offering mental health support (yes! In a tiny beet!), these colorful root veggies pack a serious punch. If you haven’t made beets a daily diet staple yet, here’s a look at some of their best qualities.They are LOADED with both vitamins and minerals! Doesn’t that sound like just what the doctor ordered? Here’s a few highlights of what’s included in one small beet: Magnesium, fiber, iron, beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium and vitamins A, B & C – just to name a few!

Need to cleanse? Juice a beet. Working like a purification system for the body, beets cleanse the liver and can even help to purify the blood.

Beets can help your love life. Seriously! In ancient times they were used as an aphrodisiac due to the high amounts of boron, which helps support human sex hormones.

How about a mental health boost? Grab some beets. Containing tryptophan, which offers the body and mind a source of relaxation, beets also aid in lowering blood pressure. A natural, calming food that’s loaded with other benefits too – bring on the beets!

If fighting inflammation is on your to-do list, beets offer a great solution. Beets contain a special nutrient called betaine, which is known to both protect internal organs and help fight inflammation.

Ready for a veggie that boosts your energy? Beets are the one. Naturally high in sugar, but still low in calories, beets offer a boost that will noticeably increase your stamina.

Don’t forget to eat (or juice) the greens! Turns out, that just may be the healthiest part of the plant! Packed with more iron than spinach, the greens are also loaded with things like zinc, fiber, protein, vitamin B6, calcium, iron and many more. Think the greens might be a tad too earthy for your latest juice recipe? No worries – sauté them as the perfect side dish for tonight’s dinner.

What do you think? Can beets become a mainstay in your diet?

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