health benefits of being social

Do you ever find yourself going through periods in life where you just want to be alone? You’d prefer curling up on the couch with a good book to heading out with friends for the evening? There are a few factors that play into this feeling – like being tired or run down or it simply becomes a habit. Rather than make the effort to hang with friends, you find yourself spending loads of time alone or even eating lunch at your desk instead of getting a group together for a lunchtime walk. While we all definitely need a little alone time now and then, staying social is good for your health – and it’s time to make it a priority. If you’ve recently moved and have to get out there to meet people, you’ve changed jobs or you just need a boost, here’s a look at why staying social should be at the top of your list.

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Your friends are the best people out there to give advice, be a sounding board or just make you laugh when you really need to – and laughter definitely does the body good.

Staying social enriches your life. What’s the beauty in your successes if you can’t share them with those around you – and loved ones and friends make those milestones memorable. Sharing your life with those around you is one of the greatest blessings you have – so embrace and enjoy it for a rich and full life.

Your friends, coworkers and family will keep you on your toes. Let’s face it: you can only challenge yourself so much – sometimes you need others to give you a little push. Some healthy competition is the perfect boost to advancing your career or changing your life for the better.

You’ll sleep like a baby. Ever noticed that if you hang out by yourself too much you feel lonely and sort of restless? Spending time with other people will help burn some of that lingering energy that often turns to anxiety the moment you try to fall asleep.

It’s fun! Who said life has to be all about routines and work, anyway? Letting your hair down and having a little fun is one of the best gifts we have – so why not live it up? From lunches with coworkers to outings on the weekend, having some fun will give you a sense of warmth and fulfillment that’s pretty tough to find any other way.

What more do you need when it comes to staying healthy? Have fun, get great sleep, stay sharp and on your toes and lead an enriched and fulfilling life – will you make sure your social calendar is full this year?

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