matras to start your daySometimes waking up and getting out of bed is just so tough. Especially during this big winter chill, hopping out of your cozy bed with enthusiasm does not come easy. Not to mention, those eight hours of sleep seem to have flown by! When you think about it, you really have two choices that can set the tone for your entire day: you either wake up with a positive attitude ready to take on the world or you’re grumpy and feel down and out. Starting your day with a positive attitude is the first step to making each day a great one. Feel like it can’t be done? Here’s a look at 7 mantras to start your day off with.Totally feel like every day you’re running around in a total state of calamity? Here’s your mantra: Take five deep breaths and remember today, I will slow down.

  1. Be proud. It’s very easy to get caught up in a flurry of self-doubt and deprivation (especially during the winter doldrums), so why not turn that around from the get go and make each morning your time to be loud and proud of all your accomplishments? Your mantra: I do great things! (pick two or three accomplishments you’re really proud of)
  2. Get focused. There’s nothing worse than being totally distracted when all you really want is to sit down, focus and put your best foot forward – that’s tough though! Starting the day by making an agreement with yourself that this is your day to get it all done is an excellent way to set the tone you’re after. Your mantra: These are the three things I will focus on and complete today (insert three tasks).
  3. Feeling totally burnt out with a lack of excitement for work or family? Find inspiration in the world and loved ones that surround you. Your mantra: I will stop and smell the roses today! Think of three things that totally inspire you in work, life and love. Verbalize those.
  4. Being Thankful. How often do you sit down and actually reflect on your wonderful life? All the things you have to be grateful for rather than focusing of what you don’t have…Sometimes, being thankful is something you have to consciously make happen – and starting your day like that can be truly wonderful. Here’s your mantra: I have so many things to be grateful for (list two or three things that make you happy).
  5. Remember that you are part of a bigger picture. Thinking about the world around you is essential for keeping perspective on your life – and, we often get so caught up, it’s easy to forget about everything happening around the globe. Your mantra: I am one small person in this great big world – I appreciate being part of that.
  6. Have fun! So often work, love and life becomes so serious that we forget that having fun is essential to leading a full and well-rounded life. Your mantra: I will have fun today – if even just for five minutes! I will laugh, smile and forget my cares just for a moment.

What are your mantras for keeping your life on track? Can you get on board with changing your perspective by incorporating some positive thinking into your day?



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