This year Aspire-Canada will offer two scholarships of $1000 each to outstanding students. Only returning students need to submit the scholarship application. This year the theme will be Holistic Wealth” in celebration of Keisha Blair’s new book Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity, and Happiness.

The book is available HERE  for purchase. For international applicants, the book is available through online retailers worldwide.

All incoming students will be considered for the scholarship automatically based on a completed scholarship application. The deadline for completed applications is February 29th, 2020. However, we advise students to send in their completed applications as early as possible. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. In order to assist you with your scholarship application, please follow the checklist below.

  1. Complete the Scholarship Application (including essay).
  2. Log on to and create a profile.
  3. We encourage all applicants to show leadership potential by fully participating on the site by commenting on articles, sharing articles and participating on social media: and

All students need to submit a scholarship essay based on the book “Holistic Wealth” in order to be eligible.

The essay should be based on one chapter in the book (Chapter 1 isn’t eligible for essay submission). The essay should have a thorough in-depth analysis of the chapter you pick along with examples in the book cited. Only one chapter is needed for the essay submission.

The essay should be 800 words or more (not less).  The best essays will be featured on the Aspire-Canada website.

A resume is an essential part of the scholarship application. Here is the Aspire-Canada definition of a 100% Complete Profile:

— Your school/work/industry and location

— An up-to-date information (academic year/major/current employer (if applicable)

— Two past positions

— Your skills (minimum of 3)

— A profile photo

Other Important Tips:

Here are some other ways to get involved: (Not a Requirement for the Scholarship)

Send us a 1 minute video explaining why you chose that particular chapter in the book for your scholarship essay and the reason it resonated with you.

Start your own Holistic Wealth Project Group on campus – “Campus Edition”.

Go on the Aspire-Canada Facebook page and Like the page!

Post comments on the Facebook page and share the page with your friends, ask them to like the Facebook page too.

Please submit scholarship essay to