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Career Profile

Career Profile: Gwen Elliott on Building a Media Business, and Her TV Show on the Oprah Winfrey Network

Gwen Elliot is a Media Strategist and Co-Creator of the Media Method. She is also TV producer of The Naked …
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Career Advice

Video:Finding Your Purpose In Life

Today Keisha Blair talks about life purpose and finding your purpose in life. As Keisha Blair explains, we all have …
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Personal Finances

34 Secrets to Saving More Money in 2019

Many of us start the new year thinking about how to save more money. This is definitely a worthy goal! …
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3 Money Resolutions To Make in 2018

With the New Year right here, it’s time to start thinking about setting some goals and making some serious resolutions …
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5 Ways to Save While Grocery Shopping

I’m always shocked when I leave the grocery store because it seems to add up to much more than I …
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Planning for Longevity – Keisha Blair Featured in the New York Times Call it the longevity revolution: Americans today aren’t just living somewhat longer than previous generations; the average person can …
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