If you’re a regular reader here than you know we spend a lot of time talking about social media and all the incredible things it can do for you and your business. It’s a place to connect, share and even see your business grow. No matter what, having a presence on social media is really a priority these days and that means focusing on what you should post to promote yourself, your business and whatever you want to showcase. But, what about what you shouldn’t share? Where should you draw the line and hold back? For anyone who’s ever wondered, let’s take a look at what not to share on social media.

What Not to Share on Social Media

Deeply personal information. There’s a time and place for information that should really be shared with only your closest personal connections – and keeping that off social is pretty wise. When you post to social media, you have to remember that it’s easily viewed and shared, so deleting it permanently can be pretty tough. Bottom line: if it’s not something you want a stranger to know, don’t post it.

Photos of your kiddos. Unless you’re completely comfortable with it, keeping pics of your kids under wraps is pretty smart. There are loads of odd people out there and protecting your family is your number one job. If you’re going to share photos and information of your kids, restricting your accounts is the best bet – that way you know exactly who’s getting a glimpse into your family life.

Facebook posts on your LinkedIn profile. When it comes to social media keeping your business profile professional is important and that means keeping your LinkedIn content focused on business and thought leadership. Remember the audience. When it comes to LinkedIn, you’re speaking to your potential employers, your current employer, coworkers etc. and that means working to project yourself in the best light. Make Facebook the platform where you showcase your fun pics from the weekend and let everyone see your puppy – it’s the perfect spot for that.

Exactly when and where you’re on vacation or traveling. It’s a good idea of course to let close friends and family know when you’re traveling, out of the country or leaving your home unattended for a while. But, broadcasting that information on social media is a good thing to avoid, no one needs to know when your home is unattended – especially for long periods of time. Same goes if there’s anyone out there who you don’t want to know when and where you’re traveling somewhere. Sometimes flying a bit under the radar to have time to yourself is perfectly ok – and social media falls right into that category.

Your personal information – like your home address and financial info. This is essential to keep private and it’s the last thing that should make its way onto social media. Giving out too much information about where you live opens you up to safety issues and just generally getting too public with your private info on social. Keep your personal information tight and you’re good to go.

So, what do you think? Can you be thoughtful about what and where you post certain information when it comes to social media so that you’re absolutely sure you’re taking the safest and smartest route possible?

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