It’s pretty incredible to think back to the start of the New Year and remind yourself of just how motivated you were during those first few weeks of 2017. When we suddenly find ourselves halfway through the year, it’s easy to make the connection that we’ve also lost some motivation when it comes to our big goals for the year.

Sound familiar? I know it does, because it happens to all of us. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day hectic schedule that life presents, making that motivation to achieve those goals feel further and further away. So, how do you get it back and how can you keep it going strong for the rest of the year? Here’s a look at where we are, halfway through 2017 and how to stay motivated from here on through.

Halfway Through 2017: How to Stay Motivated

Be realistic. This is huge, right? When we set goals that are too lofty, it’s tough to stay on track because they seem so unachievable. Setting smaller, more reachable goals will help you feel those small victories that will rejuvenate your motivation along the way. Those small triumphs start to add up, helping you stay on track and slowly get there. So – in a nutshell: break it down and you’ll feel pretty good.

Keep track of your accomplishments. Knowing what you have achieved over the course of the year is so important when it comes to keeping your motivation levels high. When you see it all on paper, you’ll feel the accomplishment that comes along with checking things off the list in order to reach your ultimate destination: success.

Reward yourself. That may sound a bit silly, but it really isn’t. Rewards for small victories can really help drive you to meet that next one and stay the course along the way. Let’s say you’re working toward a weight-loss or fitness goal, try rewarding yourself with a new workout outfit or pair of trainers. You’ll be so excited to wear them, you’ll quickly find yourself achieving the next small milestone in your journey. It really works!

Don’t be afraid to change the course along the way. Just because you’ve set a goal and are determined to get there doesn’t mean you can’t veer off or change your priorities in the process. Things happen, life happens and little surprises are going to come up here and there that may make you reassess your goals and the path you’re on. And, that is OK! Having the flexibility to roll with the obstacles life throws at us is one of the best qualities you can have – just be prepared to adjust your goals and set the new and necessary course.

Give yourself positive reinforcement. We all need a little positive vibes every once in a while and although you might be hard on yourself when it comes to achieving your goals, mixing it up with some positivity is essential. Even if you feel like it’s taking forever to get to the milestones you’re after, remember to pat yourself on the back for all you have achieved. Maybe you reach a small victory at the gym – like you’re able to do ten push ups in a row or you win over a tough team at work – whatever it is, take the time to give yourself some kudos. You deserve it.

So – what do you think? Can you get back on the motivation train and slide through the rest of the year with the same fervor you had back in January? I know you can.

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