Social media is really having a moment right now, especially when it comes to using it for business. Over the last couple of years, social media platforms have evolved, becoming the primary spot for promoting a brand. With interactive capabilities, things like live video streaming and the timeliness of social channels, you really can’t find another option for advertising that’s as affordable or touches as many people, as quickly as social. Thinking 2017 is your year to make it happen? To make social media your primary source of promotion for your business? Here are five top tips for putting social to good use.

5 Top Tips on Using Social Media for Your Business

Have a plan. One of the keys to making social media work for business is consistency. And, consistency doesn’t happen without a plan. Just like any other advertising platform, you need to know what you’re going to say and when you’re going to say it in order to make things jive. So work on putting together a content calendar. You can easily pre-plan what types of content you’ll share on what days of the week and start to get into a routine. Your fans, followers and clients will love it – making them come back for more and growing your audience.

Don’t focus on just one social media channel. All people like different social channels because everyone is different. Segmenting your efforts to just one channel could easily mean that you’re not reaching a huge audience and potential customers on another social channel. Think about how you can adapt your content to work differently for each specific channel and tailor it appropriately.

Be sure that the type of content you’re sharing works well for your brand and keeps everything on target. Just because you see some content or think of some content you’d like to use, doesn’t mean it’s good for your brand. And, that’s what you’re after here – content that will drive potential clients and customers to your site. Don’t forget that using social media for your business is much different than your personal usage – this has an end goal to drive business. So, stay on target and give your customers what they want to see.

Be OK with the fact that not all of your content will be your most popular content. Social media is all about experimentation – you have to try things to know just how well they’ll be received. But also, as a business you sometimes need to use social media to deliver information and messages. Let’s say your shipping policy is changing or you’re closing early for a holiday. Social is one of the best ways to get that info out there, but it doesn’t mean it will be everyone’s favorite.

Think about investing in some paid social media campaigns. It will probably be some of the best advertising dollars you’ve ever spent and you’ll get a heck of a bang for your buck. It’s super affordable, offers unparalleled targeting capabilities and will give you traffic like you’ve never seen before. So what are you waiting for?

Could 2017 be the year that you make social media marketing a primary source of promotion for your business? You have nothing to lose – go for it!

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