Don’t you hate being sick? Your nose is runny, all you can do is cough, and hope that you won’t take on a fever. It’s stressful, frustrating and zero fun. I know because I’ve felt it. When it comes to finding ways to cure sickness and prevent disease, I’ll take all the help that I can get, which includes finding the right fruits, veggies and foods to help me get through. This isn’t your grandmother’s chicken noodle; these foods can help cure your sick booty and jumpstart your way to a healthy lifestyle. Check them out below! Hope they help.


Disease Prevention- There are lots of fruits and other foods that help with disease prevention, so I’m just going to name a few. Berries have a powerful dose of antioxidants. Their antioxidant rich pigments help to fight cell-damaging molecules. Diary is also a great disease prevention food. Diary products not only hold a lot of calcium but they’re also rich in protein and vitamins.

What To Eat When You’ve Got A Cold- When you have a cold, eggs are a great immune system booster. They’re rich with zinc and can help zap those cold symptoms! Mushrooms also help boost that immune system right out of the water. Yogurt is packed with probiotics and is a cold sufferers best friend, so try to eat some yogurt as a snack for when you’re feeling under the weather. Chicken soup does indeed slow mucus and calm congestion so definitely go for some chicken soup for dinner! You can also drink warm water with lemon to help kick start your good health. Ginger and ginger tea is also really helpful so you might want to consider using ginger in a juice.

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