Have you ever had someone hone in on some your most personal issues, asking you those life questions that are just really tough to answer? From inquiries about starting a family to your career goals and passions, sometimes the most challenging questions come out of the blue. But how do you know what to say? No matter what the scenario, speaking from the heart is essential – even if that means you want to keep the details under wraps. When it comes to the tough ones, here’s a glimpse at what to say when the curiosity starts to get deep.

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Easy Responses to Difficult Questions

Do you plan to have more children?

This is a tough one – considering this can be a truly personal question. You may be dealing with medical issues, infertility or even relationship challenges – so talking about that next step can be touchy. Even if you’re a completely open book, just remember: it’s OK if your gut says, “keep this one private.” Changing the subject can be easiest solution to this tough question, but if the conversation continues to come back to the topic, just say, “I’m not sure.” And, you know what? Leave it at that. If you’re ready to elaborate, then go for it, but if you don’t want to – you definitely don’t have to.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

When posed with this question, it really requires some thought about your life, career, family and general overall well-being. You may be ready for next steps on some of these fronts, but in many cases, you really might have no idea what five years down the road is going to look like. And, you know – that’s completely OK. Letting the question-asker know that you’ve been thinking about your future, are hoping you’ll build upon your accomplishments so far and are hoping to find success is the perfect answer for redirecting when you just aren’t sure.

What are your weaknesses?

This tough question often shows itself during the interview process when working toward a new job. If it doesn’t come up – than lucky you! But, most likely, you will presented with this from time to time and knowing how to get through it honestly is an excellent skill. Rather than avoiding the question entirely by saying you’re free of all weaknesses, work on redirecting the question just a bit. In the case of your weaknesses being unrelated to the job, simply mention that you’re certainly not perfect, but that your skills seem to be a great fit for the position and that you’re confident in your ability to adapt to the new role. If your weaknesses are directly applicable, offer a solution too – mention that despite your lack of experience with one particular facet, your expertise in other areas make you a strong candidate ready to tackle what’s ahead.

Have you ever been asked these tough life questions? How do get through them and come out feeling like you’ve answered appropriately but didn’t share too much?


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