There is no doubt that every relationship has its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s pretty high highs and other times the lows are shockingly low. When love and commitments are involved, the arguments are more intense, but the love is too – and finding the ability to forgive and move on is essential when it comes to the health of a relationship. Whether you’re newly in love or you’ve been committed for years, arguments happen. It’s knowing what to do next that counts.

relationship talk how to get over an arugment

Relationship Talk: How to Get Over an Argument

Forgiveness is number one. There’s no forgetting when there isn’t forgiveness, so let’s start there. There’s going to be arguments in any relationship, but taking the time to recognize that your partner is human and mistakes are inevitable means you also need the power to forgive. Sometimes forgiveness means taking a deep breath, reminding yourself exactly how much you love that person and simply moving on. Truly moving on includes letting it go – whether you were right or wrong – just letting it go.

Remind yourselves of the love. When it comes down to it, the passion between you not only ignites the love, but it also fuels arguments, often making them much more intense than say… argument with a coworker. Once the argument is over and you’re both cooling off, it’s time to heat things back up, but this time with a little love. You know what they say….sometimes the most passionate moments are in the making up.

Take some time to yourself. Believe it or not, sometimes arguments start by simply spending too much time together. The littlest things start to get on your nerves – and that escalates into a full-blown argument. So go ahead, take some time by yourself. Go for a walk, read a book or simply go relax in a quiet spot. Sometimes all you need is a few minutes to breathe.

Communicate your needs. Communication is easily overlooked – and, at the end of the day – it really is the name of the game. Once you’re at point where you can have an effective discussion about the situation, remember to communicate exactly what you need to feel safe and secure and what will make you happy. Let your partner do the same – and really listen and take it to heart. Remember, it’s not the argument that defines you; it’s how you resolve, forgive and move on.

Do something nice for one another. It’s easy to get into an argument. And, it’s even easier for that argument to escalate into something that seems completely over the top, so once things have cooled off, doing something nice for one another can help you move on more easily. Make your loved one a cup of tea, get him or her a sweet card or simply sit with each other enjoying the company.

Go in for a hug. Honestly, after a big argument – there’s nothing more healing.

How do you resolve arguments with your partner?

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