For some, the New Year means a fresh start. Now, as much as we wish we kept those pesky New Years resolutions, most of us never do.

So how can we make that fresh start happen? Why not start before the New Year by organizing and redecorating your home. I love the idea of a good spring-cleaning before any holiday. It feels like you getting your home ready for the New Year and your new life.

Want to learn some great organization tips to getting your home into tip-top shape for your New Year? Read on to find out more.


Donate- One of the most symbolic ways to create change in your life is to get rid of stuff. Getting rid of the things you don’t need in your home, helps you to get rid of old habits. Donating your unwanted clothes or home goods to organizations like Goodwill, is a great way to get your home organized and ready for all the new things the New Year will bring, while also doing good for the community. What’s that saying? “Out with the old, in with the new!” It’s a win-win.

Create Storage Solutions- Now that you’ve gotten rid of some of the items in your home that you don’t need, it’s time to create storage solutions for some of the items you have left. My suggestion? Create storage solutions for each room in your home. It’s time to add a shelf for those books and magazines. Buy a shoe rack for your shoes and find some unique places to put those things that you didn’t even know needed storage. Get creative and watch your home transform!

Double Duty Furniture- If you’re in the market for new furniture while you organize your home, find furniture that doubles as storage. Find an ottoman that opens or a bed with shelves at the foot. This is super useful if you have children.

Commit to Keeping Your Home Clean- Now, this is the hard part. Throughout the year, keep conscious of how you keep your space. Try to make it a habit of keeping your home clean and organized. Try not to clutter. Keep things neat. 2016 is your year! Keep it organized.

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