How to Use Video For More Effective Testimonials

According to the Canadian Professional Sales Association, the use of testimonials, whether in text, audio or video format, allows sales professionals to transform their sales pitches into credible and unbiased recommendations of their products and services. Testimonials are a powerful sales and marketing tool, because they give potential customers a reassurance that your product or service actually does what you claim it does.

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According to Neil Patel, Testimonials are so effective that when a visitor lands on his testimonials page, they are 218% more likely to convert into a lead. On top of that, those leads are 190% more likely to convert into a paid customer.

Video testimonials are highly effective – more so than just written testimonials with a quote. Anyone can manufacture a quote with a name. With video testimonials – the proof is in the pudding. There’s no arguing with the spoken word, the visible evidence is there for your potential customers to see, there’s no pretending with video! It’s also easier to see the feelings and emotions in a video, there’s just no emotion in text on a page. If you have done a good job, and your client is happy to endorse you, it’s more believable, and also natural, when your client is speaking in front of a camera with emotion about the product you have supplied, or the service you have given.

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In order to use video testimonials effectively try to use an engaging story. The testimonial should tell how the customer found you, the approach to collaboration etc. Next the testimonial should outline the benefits of the product or service offering. If the customer can supply demonstrable results, even better. Furthermore, videos are easily shared via all social media platforms and have more potential to go viral. Your video testimonials can be used on company pages, youtube pages, and all social media accounts. Its also a great tool to have for your trade shows when customers visit your booth to find out more information about your company. Your video testimonials are a powerful tool to arm your salesforce with. The infographic below from Quicksprout, explains how to receive great results from testimonials in general and a bit about video testimonials. In an A/B Split test conducted by Unbounce, the use of video testimonials resulted in an additional 5% sales lift.

How to Receive Great Testimonials
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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