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Man with a Note and a Single Word Branding

Use Videos on Your Landing Pages to Make them Convert

The use of video as a marketing tool is become increasingly important for businesses. A study by shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. More examples with detailed descriptions are available in their case studies.

According to ComScore Canada, Canadians are among the biggest online addicts in the world, visiting more sites and spending more time visiting websites via desktop computers than anyone else in the world, according to comScore Canada.

Continuing a trend comScore noted in its 2014 study of Canadian online habits, while Canadians use their desktops to go online more than anybody else does, smartphones are increasingly the way we are accessing the internet.

  • 49% of time online now spent on mobile devices, comScore says

And Canadians are adding video watching to their online fix, in large doses, with a sharp hike in time spent watching in the past year, according to comscore.

According to the study, video consumption online in Canada is up a startling 36 per cent in the past year, with 43 per cent of users reporting they’d watched TV programs, 38 per cent saying they’d viewed news reports and 36 per cent  looking at entertainment or music videos.

Canadians spend 5.1 more hours watching video online than our American counterparts, and 73 per cent said they had access to online video, compared with 64 per cent of Americans.

“Faster connections and more powerful devices with larger screens are facilitating rapid growth of video on mobile, including longer-form content,” comScore says in its report.

Implications for Landing Pages |& Other Website Pages

  • Use Video Testimonials – Video raises trust among consumers. Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to increase sales and gain a competitive edge over the competition and improve customer retention and loyalty.  Nothing, helps sell a product more than praise from other customers. Video testimonials convert better than print testimonials.
  • Use Explainer Videos – According to Unbounce, you can use videos to showcase and explain your landing page’s conversion goal. This can be a physical action (simply pointing to the area of the website) or a simple verbal instruction in the video.
  • Use Videos to Explain a Complicated Product – If the product is complicated, using video to explain how it works causes less friction than reading a bunch of text. You can present a ton of information with just a 30 second video – equivalent of half a page of text, if not more.
  • Use Videos on Product Pages – According to, putting videos on product pages is a smart business decision. When a consumer sees how a product works, she is much more likely to convert. Sometimes already offering the option to play video will increase the conversion rate (even if they don’t actually watch it!).

    A good, example of this is eParty Unlimited, an online party supplies retailer. In the fourth quarter the conversion rate for consumers who watched a video on eParty Unlimited – was 8.3%, 43.1% higher than the 5.8% conversion rate for other consumers.

Videos can help businesses in each stage of the sales and marketing funnel. Professionally edited videos are even more effective in lifting your brand and making your landing pages and company websites convert even better. Visit Blair Global Media and view the case studies to see how videos in many forms can be used to amplify your brand.

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