Oli Gardner

Aspire-Canada MENTOR

Oli Gardner

Co-Founder & Creative Director at Unbounce

At Unbounce

Oli has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. He coined the term Conversion Centered Design, and speaks internationally on the subject. At Unbounce, he lives in front of a 20ft whiteboard, mashing up landing page optimization to create better conversion experiences. His disdain for marketers that send PPC traffic to a homepage is legendary.

Before Unbounce

Oli's had a wide range of amazing and shitty jobs in his 17-year career, pizza delivery guy (during the dotcom crash), to Expedia photographer, to interaction designer. In his role of usability lead at Bodog, he created a study that made the company President literally fall off his chair in shock at the state of a failing million dollars/day user flow.

Outside of Unbounce

Oli's delusional sense of invincibility tends to bring him into direct contact with Charismatic Quadrupedal Megafauna. This has the tendency to increase the number of "what if you get hit by a bus" discussions at work.

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