Graduation Advice for Women

With graduation season just upon us, it’s tough not to think about those words of wisdom that every woman graduate should hear. From learning how to negotiate a salary at your first job to standing up for yourself out there in the working world, women have a chance to shape the future of our planet. For all those women out there who are about to graduate, here’s a bit of advice to take with you into the future.


Graduation Advice for Women

Be strong enough to move forward, despite the obstacles that are ahead. There are going to be times when the going seems rough. But you know what, the tough keep going – and, that’s the mantra you should adopt. Not everything will come easily, you’ll have to work very hard to meet your goals and not everyone will be cooperative and supportive – and, you’ll have to show those people exactly what you’re made of.

Look at the big picture, but don’t be overwhelmed. Instead, gain an understanding of how to set small, achievable goals. By knowing that you have set parameters you can achieve, you’ll be able to gauge all of your success along the way.

Bring your best self to the table, always. Life will bring some pretty grand rewards, there is no doubt about it – but achieving those rewards will feel incredible when you have made a significant contribution. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff and offer your creativity, your insights and your smarts.

As a woman in the working world, you can help to stop the wage gap. Stand strong in knowing exactly what you’re worth – and that means being able to communicate exactly why you are an asset to the team.

Trust your instincts. No one knows you better than you – and that means you know exactly what works and doesn’t work in your world. Rather than succumbing to the influence of those around you, stand strong in your convictions and follow your heart.

Network. Network. Network. There is so much to be said for making connections and sometimes a connection is what leads you to your next big thing. If you’re interested in something or someone, find a way to learn more and get connected. Attend networking events, volunteer, check out informational interviews – you never know when a single connection will lead you to a career.

Make your voice heard. Got something to say? Don’t forget to stand up and say it – no one can or will do that for you.

Never stop learning. Rather than feeling like you’re full of knowledge and you just can’t squeeze in anymore, push yourself to take that next step – to learn more and ultimately achieve more. Learn from those around you, enroll in additional coursework and step outside your learning comfort zone – you won’t regret it.


Best of luck to the graduates of the Class of 2015! May you go far and achieve your dreams – never let anyone stop you!!

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