There’s pretty much no doubt that everyone wants to get ahead at the office. Moving up through the ranks of a career means a higher salary, more recognition, more decision-making capability and above all, feelings of accomplishment. Sometimes this recognition and these advances don’t happen as quickly as we’d like and that can get pretty frustrating. Turns out, we often block our own paths to success by being inflexible, not working as a team and having a lack of strategic thinking. If you know you’re ready for that next step and you’re just not quite sure how to get there, keep reading for a look at the things you should be doing to get ahead at work.


Things You Should be Doing to Get Ahead at Work

Volunteer to take on new and challenging tasks or projects. While it might seem rather daunting to add more to your plate, showing your boss and the team that you’re willing to take on a challenge puts it all out on the table. You’re ready for the next big thing.

Be part of the team. Sometimes working with others can be the most challenging part of a job and by showing your ability and interest in working with the rest of the crew, your natural leadership talents will shine.

When recognition is being passed around for a job well done, speak up and let the team (and your boss) know exactly what role you played in that success. This isn’t a time to be shy, but rather the opportunity to be proud of your accomplishments.

Network both within and outside of the company. The more people who know who you are, the more chances there are for new and exciting opportunities to come your way. Joining industry-related organizations and attending networking events is a great way to make added connections.

Volunteer in your local community. Showing off your well-rounded capabilities includes being a pillar in the community – companies love knowing and sharing about all the ways their employees give back. Being proud that you’re not just about work is a great way to set yourself up for significant advancement.

Don’t be a wallflower during meetings. Sometimes meetings can feel extremely overwhelming – especially if it’s a room full of high-level employees – but don’t forget, this is your time to shine. Have a great idea? Don’t be shy, speak up!

What do you think? Are these some tactics you can apply to your day-to-day?

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