Are These Excuses Stopping You From Enjoying Life?


Seek Adventure & Break Up Monotony

Do something you always wanted to or go somewhere you always wanted to go.

Are you off of work today? Go somewhere you keep forgetting to go or do something that you’ve really wanted to do.

  • Pay for a babysitter and just spend time alone or with your partner.
  • Find a free art installation, art gallery or free show. Google is helpful with that. Expose yourself to something you’ve never seen before or don’t understand.

Are you working today? Just break up the routine.

  • Drive a different way home.
  • Re-evaluate your evening and morning routines. Is everything you burden yourself with absolutely necessary? And is it all more important than the other things you put off or deny yourself?
  • Drop everything and play with your children.
  • Give your usual tv shows a break and try watching a show that you haven’t heard of yet.

I really enjoy breaking up monotony. It may serve as an unconscious reminder that we’re in control. Everything around us and our circumstances are all because of a choice we made at some time, even if at that time we didn’t realize the power of that choice. Even right now, you’re making the choice to read this instead of doing something else (and I’m honored!) We have a choice to do things the way we want (unless past choices are limited your present situation, it was still a choice at one time) and the choice you make now, will likely affect you in the near or far future.

I know you may be thinking:

“but that’s not true! My life is hard, you can’t understand!”

“I’m broke, you can’t have fun without money.”

“I HAVE to do these things…”

“I HAVE to clean my house today.”

“If I don’t go, I’ll offend them.”

and so on…

Maybe those aren’t excuses, maybe they’re true at this time in your life, but ARE YOU SURE? Have you tried thinking through the worst case scenario and then decided that you weren’t willing to face those consequences? Have you tried thinking through the best case scenario if you did the thing that you really wanted to do? And did you decide that certain sacrifices weren’t worth the joy it would bring? If you thought it all through, great! But don’t tell yourself you can’t have the life you want because it’s easier to settle for where you are. And if you are consciously choosing the life you live, then catch yourself before you complain!

Sometimes the best side effect of breaking up monotony is to be reminded that you’re already going about it the best way! It quiets that restlessness that may want us to fix something that isn’t broken. Like buying a new pocketbook or pair of Nikes when the ones you already have are just fine. That saves money for the truly life changing choices you want to make or will want to make in the future.

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