6 Water Infusion Recipes to Cool off in a Healthy Way

When summer really starts to heat up it’s so much fun to be outside all day long just soaking it in. Whether you’re a pretty active person and you love to run, ride bikes or hike, or you’re more into relaxation – reading a book, lounging on the beach or cruising on your boat – staying hydrated is the name of the game. When you start to feel dehydrated, you can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes. Everything from headaches to being overheated and even suffering from flu-like symptoms.

The thing is – it’s all preventable – simply from drinking enough water. Sometimes drinking enough water can be kind of a challenge, that’s why making infused waters that taste great is my first order of business every day. Just whip up a pitcher of infused water to have at the ready all day long – you’ll be hydrated and ready to go from the start. Here’s a roundup of six water infusion recipes to cool off in a healthy way all summer long.

6 Water Infusion Recipes to Cool off in a Healthy Way

#1. Mojito Water via Sugar and Soul

#2. Watermelon Water via Natasha’s Kitchen

#3. Strawberry Mint Water via Inspired by This

#4. Blackberry and Rosemary Water via Very Sarie

#5. Lavender Lemonade via Eat Yourself Skinny

#6. Citrus Detox Water via My Diary of Us

Water Infusions: 6 Tasty & Healthy Beverages | Loren's World

What’s your favorite recipe for infused water?

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