Tired of slumping over to look at your phone? Feeling that bleary eyed strain that comes from staring at your computer all day. I know it’s hard, as we’ve become so dependent on technology, but it’s time to shut off our phones, turn off our computers and tablets and do something worthwhile. Sound impossible? It’s not! I did it a few months ago and it’s changed my life in ways you wouldn’t imagine. So go ahead and listen up! It’s time to purge your electronics, but don’t worry. I’m here to help.


Turn Off Your Notifications- I once ate lunch with a friend who was so focused on me and our conversation, I barely noticed that she hadn’t looked down at her phone once. Finally, her phone buzzed and she looked instantly annoyed. “This thing is always bothering me,” she said. In order for her to stay clear minded and off electronics, she turned off her push notifications. Which got me to thinking, do I really need that Instagram notification every time I get a like? Absolutely not. So go to your settings and shut off your own notifications because you don’t need to see that snap right away.

Set a Time To Turn It Off- I turn off my electronics once the sun sets and night falls. It gives me more time to focus on myself, on JR, and on life at home. Try to set aside a time for yourself. You might surprise yourself with how much you can get done once you turn off your phone alone. So hit that “power off” button! I insist.

Don’t Use Your Phone’s Alarm System- When you wake up in the morning, you want to experience a fresh new day, not get bogged down by Facebook and Twitter notifications. Using a different alarm system to help you get up in the morning will make you forget that you even have a phone and turn your brain on to the exciting new day in front of you.


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