Lately it seems like the term “self-care” is being thrown around a lot. In a world full of “self- love” mantras, and “it’s your time,” quotes, self-care can get lost as just another buzzword. The truth is that self-love and self- care, along with following your dreams all go hand in hand. So what is self-care? How do we define it? Self-care is taking an active role in improving our health. It goes beyond diet and exercise and encompasses mental health as well. It’s not about work or your family. It’s about you. It’s time to be selfish and do something for yourself to help you love life and your beautiful true self. Here are some ways you can improve on your own self-care.


Take The Time To Do Something For You- On a daily basis, you need to schedule some time for your own self-care rituals. They could be anything from journaling, to writing that book you’ve been wanting to pen, to reading a book. To help you find that self-care ritual, consider these questions, What do you like to do? What do you want to try?

Diet, Exercise Doctor’s visits- I know that you’re all letting out a “duh!” because it seems to obvious that focusing on your physical health should be a major part of your self-care. But I just want to emphasize how important it is to make time for your daily jog or brisk walk. It’s time that you make all your doctor’s appointments and get those check ups! Remember that your health is a priority.

Be Open To Change- You may not think that you need to focus on self-care because you’ve been functioning perfectly well. Sure, there are certain things that have helped you get by in the past, but are they truly helping you now? It’s time to keep an open mind and decide that change is possible. Try saying these mantras: “I am open to change.” “change is easy for me,” and then go on with those self-care rituals you have planned for you.


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