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How To Boost Your Social Media Presence And Help Your Business

Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat are the duo behind Galore, an online media platform with a quarterly print publication that “celebrates beauty, femininity with a downtown sensibility” and Kitten, a talent and modeling agency launched with ONE Management that represents models, photographers, stylists, DJs and athletes, helping them capitalize on their social media following. Seasoned social media vets there are few people as apt as they are to answer how to boost one’s social media presence, thereby helping to boost business. Here are their top tips!


Utilize your platform to promote your other platforms: Utilize all of your available platforms and networks, whether it’s your Pinterest or personal blog. For us, since we have a site, we are fortunate in that we get work with a bunch of amazing people who we can cross promote with.

If you have already created a following – use this platform to send people over to newer platforms that are adapting companies like SnapChat.  Get your followers intrigued, keep them engaged.  Make sure not to post the same things twice.  You want to keep content fresh and new.
Share the Love….well Likes

Make sure to like your followers stuff back, if they see that you like their stuff and are paying attention it creates brand loyalty.
Partnerships are Key

Make sure to collaborate.  Do an Instagram takeover of a company or person that is non-competing with you. Use your partnerships network to gain followers and vice versa.

Encourage your audience to participate – Host a Facebook chat

Host a Facebook chat, Create a conversation.  Let your followers send in questions between a certain time limit and answer them.  Like we said before, this is another place where you can collaborate.  If you are looking to build an audience, host these chats on other people or companies fans pages.  This allows your to engage another and larger audience.
Be bold. 

Don’t be afraid to post something that has a bit of an attitude; it can show your personality in a 2-d world.



Your social media is another sounding board for your platform. Be sure to stay true to yourself and your audience.  Have a vision and make sure your message is always being reflected.


Make People Laugh

“One of our favorite girls we represent, Naressa (@pizzapizza_nisa), is always doing the funniest stuff you would never expect a model to do. She also has more pictures of pizza than anyone we know”.


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