characteristics of a natural born leader

It’s not much of a surprise when you hear the phrase, “she’s a natural leader,” because so many of us believe that leadership is a trait rather than a learned behaviour. And, while in so many cases, we have learned to become better leaders – it’s true – to many, it just comes naturally. Kind of like being a natural athlete or a born artist, leadership can often be considered an innate ability. So what are the traits of a natural leader? Is it self-confidence, an inclination toward teaching, enthusiasm and passion? Let’s take a look at the 7 characteristics of a natural born leader.

  1. A natural leader possesses a passion that’s hard to find in most people. He or she believes in what they lead with an enthusiasm and dedication that’s tough to match. Their passion drives those around them simply because it’s so palpable and contagious.
  2. With an air of confidence, it’s easy to give others the green light to follow – people are innately drawn to those who simply know their way and are self-assured about it. Those of us who are unsure are comforted by being led when the leader is assertive about each action along the way.
  3. Cool, calm and collected. A natural leader remains cool, even when the going gets tough. Often times, the rest of the group relies on that leadership to be the stronghold and the voice of reason in challenging situations.
  4. A natural leader knows what he or she wants and how to get it. That leader takes the steps necessary to get from point A to point B without too many hiccups along the way. When obstacles arise, they are steadfast in their purpose, heading straight for the finish line.
  5. Whether it be an analytical mind or a creative one, natural leaders are strategic about how to get the job done. He or she may analyze the outcomes or find out of the box solutions to tough problems, but one way or another, the strategy is always part of the game.
  6. Doesn’t settle for mediocrity. Natural leaders want the best and only the best – for their team members, for their projects and for their outcomes – and they will stop at nothing to achieve top-tier performance.
  7. Most natural born leaders possess a quality that people are drawn to – they’re fun, happy and magnetic to be around. People love spending time with natural leaders, especially when a little touch of fun is infused to the projects they lead. Whether they laugh a lot, know how to tell a good joke or simply understand the value of some good down time, natural leaders understand that fun brings people back.

Are you a natural born leader or are these qualities that you have to work to achieve?


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