Did you catch the Super Bowl over the weekend? Or did you skip through and watch it for the ads? Some of the best commercials are saved up for this time of year, considering the fact that a 30 second spot will run at about $4.5 million. That’s some serious production cost, so if you’re going to make a Super Bowl ad, then you better make it count. One company that knew how to make the most of their ad budget was T-Mobile, who teamed up with my girl Kim Kardashian West for a fun spin on the usual data conversation with their #KimsDataStash campaign.


In it, Kim Kardashian West is a great sport and does a fantastic job of not taking herself too seriously. She gave a knockout performance, took a lighthearted approach to the kind of stuff her critics usually bash her about, and reminded us all that sometimes you just have to pave your own way, forget what everyone else thinks, and make the best of it all. That’s really one of the key elements of being a successful entrepreneur – forge ahead and laugh at the naysayers. This is something we can all take a lesson from.

If you didn’t catch the ad during the Super Bowl, watch it here, below:

Kim followed it up with a second part to the campaign with a little tutorial on camera angles. Want Kim’s tips on taking the perfect selfie? Watch here as she shares her secrets:

What did you think of Kim K’s Super Bowl ad? Did you love it? Have a good laugh? Tell me in the comments!


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