Being successful is a wonderful and fulfilling feeling, but sometimes the road to get there can be pretty challenging. Without even realizing it, we often dismiss our own personal success because we become so focused on the accomplishments of those around us. Getting lost in what others are doing, how they are reaching their goals and what type of achievements are defining the lives of friends, family, celebs – you name it – can be the downfall of achieving our own personal goals.

So, how do we stop that? How do we turn the focus from what’s going on with everyone else to looking at the achievements we’ve had thus far in our own lives? Well, sometimes it’s tough – it’s human nature to look around – but, believe it or not, it can be done. Here’s a look at how to stop comparing your success to others and focus on all the good and the great that you have achieved.

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How to Stop Comparing Your Success to Others’

Be happy for others. This is a big one. Sometimes it’s tough to look around, see the success of others and not feel the slightest twinge of jealousy or envy. It happens and it’s what we do with those feelings that matters. But, here’s the thing: sometimes what you’re looking at when you’re assessing what’s going on with other people really isn’t the big picture. You’re seeing snippets of their life and achievements, but you’re not seeing the struggles that it took to get there. Everyone experiences tough times, everyone. And, that’s what you have to keep in mind. You’ll never know all the behind-the-scenes, you’ll never know their internal battles and you’ll never walk in their shoes – so keep that in mind and focus on the good in your own life – the things you have to be thankful for that keep you smiling day in and day out.

Redirect and reassess. When you find yourself becoming too focused on what someone else is doing or someone else’s success, stop yourself. Simply stop and think about the things that you have achieved, reminding yourself just how proud you are. Think back to where you came from v. where you are today. Did you start a small business from home and now you’re signing your first lease on office space? Did you raise a child from the time you were very young and now he or she is graduating from high school? Have you quit a bad habit or started a new, healthy one? Whatever the case may be – give yourself that moment to focus on yourself and just how wonderful you really are. Your mind, body and soul will appreciate you for it.

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Take a time out from social media. Honestly this is the worst when it comes to finding yourself looking around and comparing yourself to others. You see photos of fashion, homes, vacations, fun…you name it – but it’s merely a glimpse – you have to remember that. You also have to remember that a lot of it is for show – it’s a story, entertainment and even a moment captured in time – simply for the sake of telling a story. You are looking at your whole life. The ins, the outs, the ups and the downs – and at the end of the day, the full picture – the good and the bad – is what matters.

Comparing yourself to others is an easy trap to fall into – it happens to even the most confident people and you shouldn’t feel badly about it. What you should do, is make an effort to turn that around. Make an effort to focus on the things that make you happy, the things you’re most proud of and the many ways your life is fulfilled. At the end of the day, THAT is what really matters. Are you happy? Do you feel good and are you enjoying your life – living it up when it’s good and rolling with the punches when it’s bad?

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