For many of us, working from home is an opportunity not to be passed up. It’s convenient, comfortable and in a lot of ways can make a job feel like a dream. If you’re a student, entrepreneur or even a remote employee for a large company, having a dedicated workspace (and one that feels good!) is a must. Feeling organized, productive and on-your-game means getting off the sofa and creating a space dedicated solely to your work. Check out these must-haves for a home office that will help with productivity, focus and get the creative spirit flying.


Working from Home: Creating a Dedicated Space

·     Designated work-space. Could be a whole room or just a corner – whatever you can spare. A sense of separation is key.

·     Coffee maker, tea pot – whatever keeps you going in the early morning hours.

·     Desk lamp or floor lamp – skip the fluorescents if possible.

·     A reliable computer and internet access. (a printer/scanner is great too!)

·     A good storage area. (shelves, drawers)

·     A phone.

·     An inspiration wall or board.

·     Office supplies. (paper, stapler, pens ect.)

·     A notebook or planner – for your daily to-do list.

·     Calendar/schedule.

·     Natural light. This will keep you on your game.

Do you work from home? How have you created a space to stay productive?


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