It’s the craziest thing. You get a new job and you’re so excited. You think this is it – this will be my big break. I’ll show my stuff and maybe even change the world! But then, before you know it, you’re frustrated, unhappy and ready to quit. So, why do people quit their jobs? The answer is simple: for reasons that are completely preventable.  Here are my thoughts on why people quit below and leave yours in the comments.



7 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs

  • Employees are often asked/required to do a job that really requires the work of two or more people. (which =’s total burnout, fast)
  • Employees are constantly shuffled around and reorganized. The endless change of direction is very frustrating.
  • Favoritism plays a clear role in one of the reasons why people quit their jobs. Other employees receive better offices, bigger projects and more opportunity.
  • The management team preaches the ideals of cooperation and teamwork, but then creates and atmosphere where departments are in competition.
  • Employees who lack proper training or experience are promoted to management roles. Good employees are alienated and driven away.
  • Reviews, raises and promotions aren’t completed in a timely manner, meaning employees could go find a new job that pays more somewhere else.
  • Goals are not clear, making employees feel like they simply cannot win.

So, what are your thoughts – why do people quit their jobs? Tell me your story!

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