Wedding cinematography is truly an art. It entails telling your wedding story using a wide variety of professional editing traditionally not used in the long-form documentary edit. There are so many options to choose from and everyone now bears the title of ‘cinematographer’. Try to ensure that your cinematographer truly has the experience and background to properly tell your story. Some of the best cinematographers have a background in film/TV and/or broadcasting (although not always the case). You can see a lifetime of commitment to the craft and a build up of achievements in a variety of video productions. Perhaps also, a portfolio of not just weddings but a wide variety of videography and also production experience, indicating versatility in the craft. This versatility means your cinematographer will have expertise in scripting your day and ensuring that all the elements are fully captured. Ever watched a cinematic video and the story is just missing? Well, scripting is also an essential part of telling your wedding story. We see hundreds of cinematic wedding films with just random shots back and forth with no real storytelling. Cinematographers who have experience in scripting for TV and Film and broadcasting have sharpened that skill and can bring that expertise to your wedding day – they know how to really capture a story.

You want to capture all the important moments of your wedding day in true cinematic style; you want the first kiss, cutting of the cake, the laughter, the smiles… You want to be able to relive the highlights of your wedding day! In order to do so, hiring the right cinematographer is essential. There’s a long list of questions and considerations you need to keep in mind when “shopping” for your wedding cinematographer, but I’ve put together a couple main ones just for you.

List of Questions: Be prepared before you go and talk to the cinematographer. Have a list of questions ready so you can make sure everything is in proper order.

  • Available Date: You want to make sure that they have your wedding date open and will secure it for you.
  • Advanced Booking: Ask your cinematographer how soon you need to book the date – and then make sure to have that date secured with your cinematographer.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Take a peek at your cinematographers past projects . Use the guideline above and look for wide video productions experience – not just weddings!
  • Session Length: How long does the cinematographer plan on being there? What is their average time frame?
  • Packages: Do they have different packages with regards to time frame?


Choosing the Right Wedding Cinematographer

Once the questions are asked and you feel comfortable with the answers, take into consideration just a few (major) pointers:

  • Ideal Budget: Make sure you have a budget in mind. Your budget will usually determine the quality and professionalism of your cinematic wedding film.
  • Video Musts: Make sure you have an idea of specific video clips you want. Discuss them with your cinematographer to make sure nothing important is left out. Most cinematic wedding films are very short in length, it is important all bases are covered.
  • Domain: Ask the cinematographer if your wedding/venue locations are within their domain – if not, how much extra do they charge as a traveling fee?
  • Payment Plan: Make sure you’re both on the same page with a payment plan, how much they expect, and when.
  • SIGN A CONTRACT: This is probably one of the most important things to remember. A contract will hold the cinematographer to their word, ensuring that things are done properly.

Capture the beautiful moments of your wedding with the perfect cinematographer. With a list of questions and considerations, you’ll be ready and capable of finding the perfect one!

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