There are two types of women. One has a natural flair for effortlessly bringing almost every man that encounters her to his knees confessing his undying love for her. The other attracts dating disasters, one after the other.

Why Successful Women are Often Dating Disasters

dating disasters

The women who attract these dating disasters are usually intelligent, fiercely independent and oozes sex appeal – so what’s the problem? Ironically, it could be these exact remarkable personality traits love-blocking them. Ridiculous, right? But, here’s why.

They’re independent and won’t settle.

Many men are protective by nature, and it panders to their egos somewhat to feel like they’re needed. For these types of men, it can put a dent in their ego and make them feel insecure if a woman does not need them, leaving them questioning what they can bring to the table. It’s absurd, but these guys need to feel needed, and a little depended on, which the independent woman often can’t relate to in the long run.

Men can find them intimidating.

Men can often misinterpret fiercely independent and outstanding women as high maintenance, only because they don’t take any nonsense. These guys prefer to be with a woman they have a degree of control over (rolls eyes). They’re not stable or good enough for you (or your friend) anyway.

They’re not afraid to push the BS alarm.

These are smart, educated women. They know the slightest scent of BS and aren’t afraid to call guys out on it. These women have no filter – some guys find that intimidating because they know they can’t get away with anything. The problem with having experienced so many dating disasters is that these women often tarnish all men with the same brush. It’s a gift in a sense it helps protect their heart, but it also may mean they overlook the right guy who may just deserve a chance.

They’re rightfully picky.

These women are strong with successful careers so naturally, they have a checklist for the men they date. They know their worth, and they know what they want. If a guy doesn’t meet the bare minimum on their list, they never stand a chance. No one should ever settle for someone that doesn’t have the right morals or personality to start a life together with – the only issue with this is that if they’re too picky over things that shouldn’t matter, they will struggle to find ‘him.’

They’re ‘different.’

Whether it’s you or your BFF that wears the crown when it comes to dating disasters, you’ll likely agree that you (or they) are somewhat unique. Uniqueness creates a niche in business, which is what helped make you (or them) so successful. Men find this unpredicatable and un-nerving, finding such women more complicated to understand. You know what? That unique irregular weirdness is what the right person will love, and these independent lionesses don’t much care what people think anyway, so more power to them.

They’re busy.

Moneymaking, independent women often have busy work and social lives. They’re not going to suddenly drop everything and stop working towards their goals for a man, no matter how perfect they seem on paper. Some men can’t get over the fact they’re not the center of this woman’s universe almost immediately. If a man can’t match this level of motivation and ambition, they need to step aside, because these women don’t accept mediocracy. The sad part is, these ladies are the most loyal and loving once they connect with people, so if the guy dropped his ego and gave her a chance to build trust in him, he would become one of the luckiest and happiest men to walk this planet

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