One of the most fun New Year’s Eve celebrations I ever experienced was seeing in the new year with a handful of my closest friends and loved ones at home. Nothing beats being surrounded by contagious laughter and unconditional love – except, perhaps, the addition of these brilliant tips for hosting the perfect New Year’s Eve party.

5 Brilliant Ideas for Hosting the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

new year's eve party

Set the mood.

Lighting creates the ambiance for any party. Dim the lights, spark some candles and add some fabulous fairy lights. If you don’t have a dimmer, replace the bulb with a warm orange, red or yellow bulb. The softer lighting sets the tone and casts everyone in a flattering glow.

Music is love.

Create a playlist that sets the ambiance. If you have space in your home, dedicate some space to a dancefloor and hire a music-savvy friend or relative to DJ.

Make it stress-free.

Ask everyone to bring a bottle and a dish. This way, you’re not cooking for hours. Using pretty disposable champagne flutes and other table items saves hours on the clean-up operation. You’ll thank yourself for this clever party-planning the morning after the night before.
Place a clothes rail in the hallway so that people can easily store and find their coats at the end of the evening.

Hire in the help.

Hosting a party can suck a little of the fun out of the evening for yourself. Yes, your guests are looking forward to bubbles and some delicious food, but they’re also coming to spend time with you. There’s always a teenager or few in the family who would prefer to earn some money than make small-talk with their parents’ friends. Hire them to hand out canapes, top up glasses and keep the space you’re entertaining in free of discarded glasses and plates.

Bring out the party games.

Because we never get too old for party games! They’re always hilarious and are a great way to get everyone in the mood to laugh and dance the evening away.

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