If video is more your thing, you’re in luck. Twitter’s new live video streaming tool is out and quickly becoming a favorite new social media tool. New to the market in the last year, Periscope is taking the social media world by storm. A pretty powerful social tool, business marketers everywhere are catching on that live streaming really is the wave of the future – it’s a way to let clients and customers know what’s happening in real time. From sharing product demos to offering sneak peeks into the operations facilities, video streaming offers a touch point between you and your customers that’s tough to beat. Not sure how you could use Periscope for your business? Here are a few tips.

How to Use Periscope to Promote Your Business | Loren's World by Loren Ridinger

How to Use Periscope to Promote Your Business

Show live product demos. So cool, right? Let’s say you’re launching a new product or maybe you want to demo exactly how your products can be used in real life – live streaming is the way to get it done. Show customers how to style an outfit, make a smoothie or even how to DIY something in the home.

Create a quality mailing list. When you broadcast via Periscope, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask viewers for email information. If they are giving you their email, they’re obviously keen to learn more and become more engaged with your business – so use this as a lead generation opportunity.

Show your customers what it’s like to be part of your business. Clients and dedicated customers love the opportunity to get in on the behind-the-scenes action – and, live video is a great way to get it done. Show off your employees, a fun brainstorming session or even production facilities. Knowing that there are humans behind the business helps establish a sense of credibility and real-world application.

Share your Periscope videos on your other social media channels. A little cross promotion goes a long way when it comes to building a social media following – so go for it! Get new Periscope followers by sharing a photo of yourself with your Periscope channel information and maybe even a hashtag branded for your business.

Connect with like-minded business owners. Periscope can be great – not just for you to share information, but for you to get information too. Connecting with like-minded industry colleagues can give you added insight into the market and the opportunity to ask good questions to help move your own business forward.

Have you tried Periscope? What types of live streaming videos are most interesting to your followers?

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