There’s nothing better than slipping into your brand new bikini, heading to the beach and feeling great about showing off your toned abs, right? Whether you have a regular exercise routine or you’re just getting back into the swing of things, having toned abs all year long means looking good and feeling good too! But those defined ab muscles won’t happen on their own – you’ve got to work for it. Whether you’re looking for an addition to an already established routine or you’re just getting started with ab workouts, here’s a roundup of awesome exercises for toning your core from the inside out.

Hanging Leg Raises: Click here for the full routine.

hanging leg raises

Shoulder Taps (looks like an arm routine, but will work your core like nobody’s business). Click here for details.

one arm planks

Tick-Tock Ball Twist: Click here to learn how.

tick tock

Ab Pulse Ups: Click here to learn more.

Ab pulse ups

Swiss Ball Roll Outs: Click here for more info.

ball roll outs

V Crunches: Click here for details.

v crunches

Do you have a secret recipe for getting washboard abs for bikini season?

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