When things start feeling stuck and you begin to worry that your job has no room for growth, it can be tough to put it all into perspective to figure out your next move. While it’s pretty unlikely that your dream job will simply appear one day, making sure you’re being challenged and fulfilled is absolutely essential. Without making any rash moves – like simply quitting your current role – let’s take a minute to assess and figure out if you’re at a dead end job.Start by asking yourself a few important questions:

  • Do you enjoy the work you do right now?
  • Can you see room for growth – in terms of taking on more responsibility and having more decision-making ability?
  • Does this position put your best skills to work?
  • Are you challenged every day or do you simply float through your responsibilities?
  • Do you like the team you work with? Do you all work well together?

How did you answer these questions? If your answers included a lot of “No,” ask yourself a few more questions to assess your role in deeper detail.

  • Has anyone (like your supervisor) ever asked you about your goals and future plans?
  • Does the routine ever change? Do your career goals align with what that daily routine offers?
  • Have you been passed over for promotions that you think you deserve?
  • Do you feel like your coworkers are being given new opportunities, but you aren’t?
  • Are you unmotivated and bored?
  • Are your opinions and suggestions valued?
  • Have you been offered any additional training?
  • Is your company struggling to stay afloat?

Once you’ve had a chance to assess your role as part of a team and company on a whole – you’ll know if you’re at a dead end job and if it’s time to put that resume back in action. Following your passions is one of the first steps to leading a fulfilled life that meets your goals and capitalizes on your best qualities. Now that you know you’re at a dead end job, what are the steps you will take to make a change?


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