Here’s a quick list of ten things not to do as a job-seeker.

1. Show up at a hiring manager’s office without an appointment before the interview.

2. After the interview send a very long thank you note that turns out into another autobiography of your achievements from elementary school to present.

3. Send an infographic as your resume.

4. Tell a hiring manager in an interview that he/she is also being interviewed by you.

5. Send helium balloons to a hiring manager as a thank you for a great interview.

6. Lay-wait the hiring manager in the parking lot to express your gratitude for the interview.

7. Use a video resume with the help of a professional video editor.

8. Stop by a prospective employer’s office to say “hello” with a plant and some candy.

9. Be intentionally late to your interview as a “strategy.”

10. Send a framed photo of yourself or your family to your interviewer.

Instead here are 5 Resume-writing rules you should live by and 30 Quick Resume Tips for 2015.

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