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Being in a creative field or carving your own career path often means working on your own. Career choices of this nature also come with a lot of freedoms and benefits. But there are also many hardships – long hours, very few days off – that come with the territory. Still, if you’re doing something you are truly passionate about, there’s no greater reward than the work itself (really!). If you think you’re ready to be self-employed, there are some truths you should be aware of before going for it. Read ahead to see if you can handle the pressure.

1. It’s not for everyone – Taking your career into your own hands means being a self-motivated, highly organized, dedicated individual. It’s not for just anyone who wants to work in their yoga pants. Know yourself well before taking the leap. Be sure you can set and reach your own goals and deadlines without someone keeping you on track.

2. The freedom is addicting – That being said, if you are able to keep yourself organized and functional, the freedom of schedule you’ll experience will make it hard to go back to working for anyone else.

3. It might get lonely – In a practical sense, working on your own may get a little lonely simply because there aren’t other people around; make sure you get out and see friends for lunch or head to networking events every once in a while. In a philosophical sense, not everyone may understand exactly what you do (this is usually the case with “out-of-the-box” careers). If that’s the case, just keep doing what you’re doing and tune out everyone else.

4. You’ll never work harder – Working on your own terms may come with many freedoms. But it also comes with the responsibility of making yourself a success – meaning hardly any days off. But if you’re doing something you’re passionate about, something that makes you happier than anything else, the rewards are more than worthwhile.

5. You’ll have to own up to both successes and failures – With no boss over you, you’ll be the only one to blame for any failures. But also fully responsible for all the triumphs and achievements, which can be pretty empowering.

6. It’ll be the most rewarding career path – If you’re true to your calling and follow your passions and talents, there’s no greater reward than getting to do what you absolutely love – and doing it on your own terms.

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