Have you been feeling like it’s time to make your next move at work? Like you’re ready to advance to the next level, but you just aren’t sure how to get there? Believe it or not, you aren’t alone. Many women are unsure how or when to take that next step, and what that next step should actually be. From making the right connections to knowing exactly what type of experience will help you progress, keep reading for a look at a little business advice to women that will help you capitalize on the opportunities at hand.

Keep an open mind. Are there opportunities at your current company that are slightly out of the scope of your current position or division, but seem like an interesting opportunity? Reaching outside your comfort zone and taking a leap into a role outside your present scope just may take you to the next level and could be a fit you’d never expect.

Be clear about your goals. The next time you have an opportunity to sit down with your boss, open up the conversation to the career goals you have in mind. Making your intentions clear is an important step in creating the opportunity to moving up.

Learn as much as you can. Enrolling yourself in a class or spending time as a volunteer or board member could be just the ticket to learning a new skill. Having a resume that boasts a broad range of skills and involvement is exactly what will make you a well-sounded and sought after employee.

Own your successes and your mistakes. You’re only human and no matter how much experience you have, mistakes happen. Understanding that you can learn from mistakes and being able to express that learning experience is key in taking the next step. Don’t feel shy about being proud of your successes either – when you have significant achievements, be proud and carry those experiences to the next position you have.

Balance your business acumen with creativity. Taking your creative problem solving skills and your open-minded thinking and applying that to your business decisions can give you the added edge you’re after. Showing off your ability to think outside the box is certainly a talent many supervisors are seeking and this can set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Sometime when you want something done right, you simply have to jump in there and do it yourself. And, you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Showing your team that you have no problem getting in there and getting the job done goes a long way when it comes to rallying the troops and showing off your great leadership skills.

Are you feeling like it’s time to get ahead? What are some lessons you’ve learned when it comes to business advice to women that could help you take that next step?

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