Can you believe how quickly summer flew by and that we are already thinking and talking about cold & flu season? With fall upon us and the cool air starting to sweep through, being prepared for cold & flu season is top of mind as the seasons shift. From getting that annual flu shot to using natural remedies to keep your defenses up, preparing your body for cold & flu season means staying as healthy and fit as possible. Ready to boost your defenses as we move into that time of year? Here’s a look at a few basics for staying healthy and adding some natural immunity boosters to your daily plan.


5 Tips for Staying Healthy & Keeping Your Defenses Up for Cold & Flu Season

#1. Keep everything you’re putting into your body on the wholesome and natural side. Try kicking off this fall with a goal to avoid processed foods as much as possible and use whole grains, natural veggies and lean proteins when and wherever you can. Making soups and stews from scratch is the perfect cozy solution for fall, tastes great and helps boost your body’s defense system by loading up on everything good for you. Breaking out the crock pot is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re making a wholesome, healthy dinner each night – and, it’s easy too!

#2. Go for vitamin C and zinc. We all know that vitamin C is great for a super boost when you’re feeling under the weather, but did you know zinc can also give your body an extra immune boost and may even help shorten the duration of a cold? Turns out you can easily add zinc to your diet by including foods such as: beans, nuts, oysters, pumpkin seeds and spinach to your daily menu.

#3. Add some natural immunity boosters like Isotonix Immune and DNA Miracles Isotonix Immune (for the kiddos) to your daily regimen of vitamins. These immune boosting supplements are formulated with Wellmune, which is clinically proven to promote a healthy immune system. Coupled with lowering stress, staying active and eating a balanced and healthy diet, these natural supplements give the body that added boost when it needs it most.

#4. Stay active and get enough sleep. Turns out lack of sleep is one of the easiest ways to lower your immune defense system – so getting those z’s is super important. Keeping a nice balance of tiring your body with exercise and getting your full eight hours in each night is one of the best ways to keep everything in check and operating at optimal capacity.

#5. Drink loads of H2O. Always a common theme for keeping all systems functioning at peak performance, water is the body’s best friend. Getting even the slightest bit dehydrated is opening a doorway to letting that immune system down and allowing germs in. So load up on water whenever you can.

How will you keep your defenses up this cold & flu season? Got any tips to share?


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