With Earth Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about ways to go green both at home and at work. From teaching your family to incorporate some greener habits into their daily lives to working with colleagues to make a conscious greener effort, it’s up to all of us to bring a touch of green into the day to day. We’ve all know that we should recycle and we should do our part to conserve energy, but how does that translate into daily living? Just not sure how to make it happen in a meaningful way? Here’s a look at some great ideas for ways to go green for Earth Day.


25 Ways to Go Green for Earth Day

  1. Plant a garden or even a tree!
  2. Add insulation to your home.
  3. Switch to ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs.
  4. Shut down your computer at the end of each day and set it to sleep mode when you’re away.
  5. Check the filters on your home’s air conditioning unit.
  6. Switch to reusable grocery bags.
  7. Skip the hot water when doing laundry and go with cold.
  8. Ride your bike or walk in place of driving when possible.
  9. Reuse and recycle products you already have rather than always buying something new.
  10. Build a rainwater barrel for watering your garden.
  11. Look for energy efficient appliances when replacing the appliances in your home.
  12. Leaving a room? Turn off the light.
  13. Gorgeous natural sunlight outside? Open the blinds and let the light shine in.
  14. Switch the showerhead to a low flow option.
  15. Start using cloth napkins rather than paper (they’re prettier anyway!).
  16. Teach your children how to compost.
  17. Help build a green team at your office – be the inspiration for others.
  18. Participate in an Earth Day clean-up project in your local community.
  19. Start using a reusable mug for that morning commute coffee.
  20. Make a donation to a local conservation program.
  21. Use green cleaning products – or make your own.
  22. Go meatless for dinner a couple of nights a week.
  23. Switch your billing from paper to online to reduce your paper consumption.
  24. Drive the speed limit to increase your miles per gallon.
  25. Get educated on all the ways you can incorporate green living into your daily life.

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