5 Tips To Bear In Mind When Dealing With A Work Crisis

5 Tips To Bear In Mind When Dealing With A Work Crisis

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There are few things as debilitating as a personal or work crisis – especially if it’s public. From the firing of Obama’s communications director to the coming out of Bruce Jenner we’ve seen them time and time again play out in the open and a great deal can be learned from how they are handled.

To learn more about the important tactics to bear in mind when in a crisis we turned to Juda Engelmayer, a Senior Vice President at 5W Public Relations who oversees the Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, and Crisis Communications groups. Here Engelmayer highlights five things to always bear in mind when in crisis.

Don’t Rush Slow down, don’t jump and make a gut reaction.  Listen and learn to fully understand what has occurred before taking action.

Be Honest

When dealing with the issue be honest, never make something up.  If you cannot discuss it with staff, just say that you are unable to do so right now and perhaps you will be able to explain later.  Better to say less then say something erroneous or silly.

 Have An Action Plan

Be prepared for problems, and never get caught by surprise.  Have a plan.  Of course issues will arise that you may not expect, but if you have a crisis preparedness plan, you can follow the guidebook and ease your way through it.  As an example, Bruce Jenner’s recent interview with 20/20 was an example of handling a potential crisis well.  He took what was becoming a media frenzy, controlled it, and made sure he had all of his facts and backup resources ready to chime in.  No matter what one thinks of the situation, you have to respect how he and his family handled that coming out experience.

Drive The Situation

Be in control. Show your staff and employees and the public that you are aware, facing it head on, and have a plan to deal and manage through it. Convey knowledge, composure, and a full appreciation for situation.

 Be Able To Pivot

Always learn.  Once you get through any crisis, do a postmortem and decide what worked and what did not.  Change your plan accordingly.



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