Get Healthy Now! 5 Tips To Get You Started

1. Find a doctor that shares your values and believes in your goals. Find a doctor that believes in promoting optimal health, not just managing disease. It’s true! There are doctors that only use medication when absolutely necessary, that believe you can rebuild your health and come off your medication and that know nutrition plays a primary role in your progress. We have many clients whose doctors have worked with NuSpecies to meet their health needs.

2. Know what is normal for your body.

Women: Perform regular breast self-exams so that you will know when something has changed. This is especially true for women with fibrocystic breast disease because the hard tissue and lumps can make it harder to determine if there is a problem.

Men: Know the common symptoms related to prostate health. Observe how you feel and how your body is operating. Do any of them apply to you? If so, wait and see if the symptoms change or get worse. The best thing you can do for your prostate, even if you have cancer and don’t know it, is to keep your immune system strong, support healthy blood flow, support detoxification and balanced hormones. NuSpecies will provide this for you. Have a free consultation.

3. Refine or improve your diet. Remove foods from your diet that contain hormones and/or include toxins that disrupt your endocrine system. Major offenders: meat, dairy and processed foods.

Do more research on the available screening methods to be sure you are choosing the the safest and best screening method for you. Not all screening methods are still recommended on a regular basis as more recent research is questioning whether certain screening methods cause more problems than solutions.

4. Relax. You can’t control what happens to you and around you, but you can control how you react to it. Most of us spend years thinking we’re stressed because of what happens to us and we don’t realize that we make ourselves stressed. Stress creates very dangerous chemistry in the body that disrupts your hormones and makes you sick. Learn to breath deeply and relax, even when life is tough.

5. Get up-to-date blood work and ask for your vitamin d, iron and hormone levels to be tested along with the comprehensive panel. Bring it in when you come for your free consultation with a NuSpecies’ medical practitioner. We’ll customize a regimen for your individual needs and then care for you until you see there results you’re looking for.

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