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How To Use Videos For Success at a Trade Show

Are you still using powerpoint presentations when you attend trade shows? This is a very unwise decision. How many people are tired of seeing powerpoint presentations? Many. What you need is a tradeshow video strategy. No matter how good your powerpoint presentation is – there just isn’t any substitute for a professionally-developed video geared for your trade show. According to stats from Tradetec, 92 percent of trade show attendees are there to view new products, 46 percent are executives or upper managers, 81 percent have the authority to make purchasing decisions, and 67 percent are new prospects. It’s not surprising that B2B marketers committed almost 40 percent of their marketing budgets to trade show exhibits in 2011. Here are some rules by Blair Global Media when developing tradeshow videos:

Rule 1: Watch the Length!

A 30 min documentary will not be effective for this type of event. Fifteen minutes is still too long! Entire wedding video highlights are trending at 5-7 minutes long – and brides are vested in watching those videos! With trade shows just enough footage to engage and get the interest and questions flowing is sufficient. Getting that ice-breaker and conversation-starter is highly effective with video. If your displays are well positioned, attendees will start seeing your videos way before they get to your booth and will start to wander over just from sheer interest. Keep those videos short, sweet and punchy!

Rule 2: Have a mix of Videos with Different Marketing Objectives

Have several different videos of varying lengths that you can showcase at the tradeshow. It is best to have at least a 4-5 minute video (5 mins max.) that acts as a chapeau piece to cover company information generally (company profile video). Then detailed videos of varying lengths that cover various products or services (product or service videos) are useful to get more technical or specific information across to attendees. If there is more than one screen in your booth then that’s better for looping different videos.

Rule 3: Make it Highly Engaging

At trade shows you only have seconds to make an impression. The video needs to be very interesting and should tell a story about the company, product or service. Strong graphics and titles that are attention-grabbing are very important. If you have a current offer just for trade show attendees then make sure that’s in the video.

Rule 4: Get Your Trade Show videos Professionally Done

Video production is an art that is best done by the pros – let them handle it! They know how to showcase the best features of a product and they know how to do scripting. In addition, there are many editing styles and techniques that can make your video more appealing so treat it as an investment.

Rule 5: Include Video Testimonials of Your product or Service

Video testimonials are highly effective as a sales tool. Video testimonials can be part of a longer video to emphasize key benefits of your products or service. If you can get testimonials from highly-recognizable individuals then that’s even better!

Are you planning on using videos at your next trade show? Tell us about it.


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