Confidence is a difficult thing to pull off. Sometimes we have certain crutches that get us through in order to feel more confident. For a lot of women, that’s makeup. It’s obvious that I love makeup. I find enjoyment from trying out new flawless foundations and working on my Motives, but I can see where it can become a safety blanket for a lot of ladies out there. That’s why I wanted to write a post about famous stars that aren’t afraid to show off their bare face on social media. Not everyone is perfect, ladies! Maybe these pics will help you bare it all! What are your thoughts on baring your skin sans makeup? Do you post your own makeup-less face on social media? Let me know in the comments

Demi Lovato- The singer is a super star and that’s no secret, but we had no idea what a mega cutie she was under that make up. This Instagram pic that she shared with fans and followers shows her #nomakeupmondy look.



Miranda Kerr- The model is beautiful on the runway, in editorials, and without makeup on apparently. She pulls off a beautiful smile to show off her carefree attitude.



Kourtney Kardashian- This little babe pulled out all the stops to show off her post workout mirror pic sans foundation and mascara.



Cara Delevingne- This sleepy head’s Instagram pic shows the famous model and actress waking up from a long night of sleep looking refreshed and beautiful as ever.



Beyonce- Did she wake up like that? Actually, she did. Beyonce is always beautiful with or without makeup.





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