Ever scramble to get to your office with barely the time to brush your teeth let alone apply lipstick? We’ve all been there. Whether you’re time crunched, feeling under the weather, or stressed and in need of a pick-me-up, we turned to two beauty experts –Karen Asquith, the lead Aesthetician and National Director of Education for G.M. Collin Skin Care and Janette Janero, a personal trainer and NPC bikini competitor – to get their insight on how we can pamper ourselves without leaving our desk.


  • “Anytime throughout the day when I am feeling like my makeup needs a refresh I spray a facial mist on my face. It not only restores the look of my makeup, it also gives me a boost. Simply pick the one for your skin type and condition and spray away,” says Asquith
  • “As I’m constantly working on my computer and with paper, my hands and cuticles become very dry. A couple of times a day I massage my hands with the M.Collin Hand and Nail Repair Cream (the massage also helps to relieve the strain from repetitive movements) and I add a drop of Nutriderm Replenishing Complex to my cuticles and massage it in. It really makes my hands and nails look great and keeps my nails from becoming brittle, especially in the cold winter climate,” explains Asquith
  • “When I feel fatigued I massage a few drops of body oil into my temples and put a touch under my nose, inhale the intoxicating essence and re-charge,” explains Asquith.
  • After lunch I always redo my lipstick, so I make sure to have a base lip gloss or lib balm and a statement lipstick at my desk. I enjoy using lip plumpers as a base treatment, because the light tingling sensation awakens the lips, the moisture it provides keeps my lips soft,” says Asquith.
  • Munch on healthy, skin-enhancing snacks. Consume cucumbers for hydration, Greek yogurt to attain firmer skin, and crunch on a handful of walnuts for improved skin elasticity. You can even sip on unsweetened green tea to reduce redness and inflammation,” suggests Janero.
  • “Meetings done for the day? Keep makeup wipes in your purse to easily remove makeup at your desk and let your pores breathe! Slather on an anti-oxidant Vitamin C serum for an extra boost of healthy vitamins,” suggests Janero.
  • Keep a white eyeliner or brightening pencil in your desk drawer. If you’re looking tired from a long day or early morning meeting, swipe some on the inner eye line to instantly look more awake and beautiful,” says Janero.
  • “Are you squinting while staring at the computer screen? Get your eyes checked and wear the proper prescription glasses or contact lenses. Squinting repeatedly throughout the day will deepen fine lines around the eyes,” explains
  • Make the most of your time by using white strips while at work. Apply them when you know you are about to dig in to a solo project as a way to double up on your productivity,” suggests Karen.

Any at work beauty rituals to recommend? Post your At-Work recommendations below!


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