So, spring is here and you know what that means: spring break! And what better way to spend your spring break than to hit the beach and soak up some sun? Before you even start shopping for cute new swimsuits to wear to the beach, make sure your skin is ready. Here are some tips on how to make your skin look good for bikini season.


5 Ways to Get Picture Perfect Skin for Spring Break

  1. EXFOLIATE AND MOISTURIZE – These are the first two steps in achieving skin that you can confidently flaunt while in a bikini for spring break and summer. Exfoliating helps you get rid of dead skin cells that contribute to dry and scaly skin while moisturizing helps keep your skin smooth and supple to the touch.
  2. GIVE YOUR SKIN SOME COLOR – Sure, one of the reasons you’re going to the beach is to get some color on but why not give your skin a head start and go for a self tan before you head there? Your bikini is sure to look so much better against tanned skin, too, so if you don’t really plan on going swimming and you just want to lounge around the beach in your swimsuit, self tanning is the way to go. Do your self-tan sesh a few days before you hit the beach to really have the product set on your skin well.
  3. SMOOTH AND SILKY – Another thing you should never forget to do before getting into a bikini for spring break is to deal with hair. And I don’t mean finding a new hairstyle. Set hair removalappointments like waxing and laser treatments a few days before spring break so that when time comes for you to hit the beach, you have nothing but silky soft skin to bare.
  4. TONE UP – Want to look sizzling hot in your bikini? Aside from making your skin smooth and silky, make sure it’s firm and toned, too. Start doing a few firming and toning exercising now so that when spring break comes, you don’t have an inch of sagging skin on your body.
  5. PROTECT YOUR SKIN – Lastly, remember to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Even when you don’t see the sun, its rays and the harmful stuff that come with it can penetrate your skin so make sure you always have sun screen on. Choose a sunscreen formula that will do well with your skin type. A little bit of online research will help you pick the best one.

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