Despite the fact that it’s probably snowing outside your house right now, spring really is just around the corner. Even if the white stuff is still falling, have you noticed the sun staying out just a bit longer and the birds chirping in the morning? With all those singing birds it’s tough not to skip right over spring and picture yourself laying poolside in the hot summer sun, right?? Well, before we get that far, we actually will have spring and that means it’s time to back off the muted colors of winter and break out the bright stuff. Ready to get your springtime mani and pedi on? Here’s a look at the most popular nail color trends for spring 2015!


Colorful Nails Spring Color Trends 2015

5 Nail Color Trends for Spring 2015

1. Turns out bold is back and better than ever. Don’t hold back this spring, any color in the rainbow will do – and actually, the brighter the better. Obsessive Compulsive in Pool Boy is a great place toj start.

2. Who can go through spring without a touch of coral? Aloha from the OPI Hawaii collection is the ultimate tone.

3. Perfectly pastel and just in time for Easter, Just Stitched by Essie is the softest pink.

4. How about a sparkling top coat that’s just like a shade of spring green? Try Blossoming Top Coat by Dior.

5. Is metallic more your thing? This stunning Zoya violet in Leslie is the best of both worlds: perfect pastel with a touch of shimmer.

Of course, always start with a base coast, work on some cuticle oil, and finish off with a glossy clear top coat to make it all last. You can pick up these essentials from Motives to stash in your bag and wear with any of your favorite glossies


Are you looking forward to spring nails? Which color is first on your list?

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