Self-doubt is one of those funny things. It happens to even the most confident of people and creeps in when you least expect it. Sometimes things will be going super well and the slightest misstep will cause self-doubt to come crashing in at a pace that feels completely overwhelming. And, sometimes self-doubt is just there, lingering in the back of your mind. No matter what or how it presents itself, here’s the thing to remember: it’s completely normal to have feelings of self-doubt, you’re human. Still feeling like you should have more confidence than you actually do? Let’s talk about why a little bit of self-doubt is totally OK.

4 Reasons It’s Okay to Feel Self-Doubt

4 Reasons It's Okay to Feel Self Doubt, self doubt, imperfect, doubt

It makes you question things. Sometimes we all need to take a little moment to step back and say, OK – what’s actually happening here? Is there a reason I am making this choice or is there a better path I could be taking? Those types of questions and hesitations can actually be a really good thing, often a necessity when it comes to making the right decision. Sometimes you just know you’re making the right move and that’s great, but often a little hesitation is the best way to find the perfect solution.

Sometimes a little self-doubt makes you go the extra mile. When you doubt yourself, even just the slightest bit, you’re driven to do a little more and put in a touch of extra effort. Whether it’s a project or presentation at work, a fitness goal you’ve made for yourself or even something in your relationship, you can often give yourself a bit of an added push when you’re unsure.

Self-Doubt makes you look for even more solutions. Let’s say you’re working on a project for your boss and you’ve found every possible solution you think exists, but you know he or she is going to ask for more….a little doubt is a good thing. You want to come to the table knowing you’ve exhausted every option and solution out there and that you’ve put together a plan that aligns the top three options that exists. Use that doubt as a problem-solving driver and the boost you need to dig deep for solutions.

It will help you break things down into manageable goals. Sometimes big projects or big life changes can feel totally overwhelming. That’s completely normal. You feel swallowed up and unsure that it’s something you’ll actually be able to tackle. But, here’s the thing: you can do anything you put your mind to, you just need to make it doable. Self-doubt can help you break it down into achievable goals – the kind you can check off the list as you go along. Let’s say you’re embarking on a weight loss mission and right now it feels completely impossible. Break it down. Week one, you’ll tackle some simple diet changes. Week two, you’ll go check out a gym. Week three, you’ll start thinking about where you can adjust your calorie intake….etc. In a year, you’ll look back and say, “Wow!” I can’t believe I did that.

So, how about you? Do you find yourself struggling with self-doubt and can you see why a little can actually help drive you toward success?

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