What Every Woman Should Know by 40

If you’ve already reached 40, listen up. If you havent gotten there yet,  pay very close attention.(you might even want to print this and save it) These are lessons that separate the women who love life 40 (and beyond)… and those who feel their best days are behind them. (keep reading)


Simply being here year after year ain’t enough to make a woman jump out of bed in the morning to seize the day.


Simply being here year after year ain’t enough to make her want to bend down for the umpteenth time to lotion her tired feet or reach up to do arm exercises 3 times a week.


Being here, fighting gravity year after year gets real old after 40 UNLESS, I repeat, UNLESS you do things such as these:


1)   Unless its Work or Abiding by the Law– Only do what YOU really want to do! Somebody you know will always have the perfect use for your precious time.  You’d be better off loaning out all of your money, instead all of your precious energy and time. At least you can get more money. When they keep draining you, you’re the one who ends up dragging around.


2)   The Ten Minute Rule– Somewhere in your day you better find 10 minutes to discover YOU. The truth is, by the time most women are 40 they know what their Moma likes, their kids like, their man likes, (their ex-man likes) what their boss likes, what the pastor likes…Damn, must I go on?  The problem is, you have no idea what you  like, because you’ve been too busy rationing out all of YOU to THEM!


3)   Weekly Booty Moving Is a MUST— And no, I don’t mean like that.J  Stay focused.  I’m talking about exercising so you stay energizing.  See, the reason why your back hurts many times is because you’ve been sitting on your butt and your spine is stiff.  Your knees (poor thangs), can’t make it a day without Motrin because they don’t get enough circulation.  Look, you’re the one who has to live in that body.  Why treat it like a shack or implode it like the super dome? Trust me, I’ve been there and I can tell you, life after 40 feels a whole lot better than at 30 when I was lugging all those extra pounds around.  You don’t have to become a size 4. But you do need to make time to stretch and twist and touch your toes. And NO… I don’t mean like thatJ


Yoga is a great way to do all of the above and my program is quick, fun and even has a relaxing meditation where you can lay down and connect with you.


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