Sometimes it’s necessary to get work done on the go. These eight apps make it easy to stay focused and productive right from your smart phone or tablet. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, take these with you and leave the desk behind.

8 Apps to Make You More Productive

Ookla Speedtest – Whether it’s for work or personal needs, staying connected is essential in getting anything done. This app tests your Wi-Fi and cellular connections and gives you a quick overview of your network speed wherever you are.
Evernote – Keep track of all your projects in one place. This app organizes your lists and allows you to attach pictures, text notes, and even links to web pages that are all share-able with friends and colleagues.
Dropbox – Access your files no matter where you are. The Dropbox app makes it easy to tap into important photos and documents and syncs up quickly for up-to-date information on all your devices.

iReconcile – Keep a close eye on your personal spending and manage your checking, credit, and savings accounts. iReconcile provides a simple register, creates categorized budgets, and produces income, expense, and profit & loss reports.

AnyList – Create, organize and share your grocery lists. This app stores your favorite items, categorizes them, and even organizes recipes to help plan your shopping trip for maximum effectiveness.

Focus@Will – This music app has figured out which sounds are most effective in keeping you focused while you work. Developed by neuroscientists, Focus@Will plays songs that work with your brain to increase productivity.

Wunderlist – Manage and share your daily to-do lists. Keep track of groceries, plan a vacation, and even work on a project with seamless syncing across all your devices. This app also allows you to print your lists with one click.

Abukai Expenses – This app easily tracks your spending and organizes your expenses into an Excel spreadsheet with PDF image attachments. Simply snap a picture of your receipts and Abukai will do the rest.

Got any favorite apps? How do you stay organized?

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