4 Tips to Finding Your Career Purpose


If one of the goals you set for yourself this year was to dedicate your time to what really drives you, then it’s likely you’re searching for a career that fulfills you and uses your talents to their fullest capacity. The challenge comes with actually figuring out what that is. If you’re still searching for your calling, then it comes down to narrowing down your gifts, interests and natural talents – simple as that. Ready to make your move? Read ahead for my four quick tips on finding your career purpose.

4 Tips on Finding Your Career Purpose

  1. Ask your friends what you’re good at – Really. The people you see frequently have an insight that you may not have. Ask your friends to tell you what they think you’re good at, what they’ve noticed you have a capacity for. Then write down all your answers and see if there’s a running theme.
  2. Make a list of your favorite interests – What are you naturally drawn to? The things that interest you will likely have a way of telling you what industry or career you should be looking into. Be honest and don’t judge yourself. Simply write down what you love, what helps you pass the hours.
  3. Take note of what friends ask you for help with – People will often call on their friends in their areas of expertise. Are you a natural wordsmith? Do you have a way of styling clothes that others look to you for? If there’s a reason people often call on you, then there’s a good chance you should be making money off it.
  4. Survey your talents – If you have a good idea of what your natural talents are, then you’ll have an easier time of figuring out where and how to use them. Write a list of everything you’re naturally good at. Then ask yourself which of those interest you the most. Follow that in figuring out which of those talents to pursue further. If you’re a gifted makeup artist and have an interest in sales, combining those two can tell you where you need to be.

Overall, finding your career purpose and delving into a fulfilling career goes hand-in-hand with using the natural talents and interests you already have. If you’re passionate about what you do, then there’s no limit to what you can achieve. The drive, talent and passion will take you where you need to be in your success.

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