Starting a new job is one of the toughest things we can do. From having to make introductions, to new friends to even simply getting the lay of the land. It’s new and it’s a challenge. As an employer, manager or even a fellow team member, you can make it your mission to ensure new employees feel at home right from the start – ultimately resulting in better retention and more dedicated teams. Take a look below for some tips for helping your new employees feel successful, even on day one.

3 Tips for Helping New Employees Get Acclimated

  1. Make a plan for week. The last thing you want to do is have a new employee start their role feeling like they may have made a poor decision. Make sure his or her first week is interactive and engaging.
  2. Get the whole team involved. Each member of your team has important job functions – have each of them spend time with your new employee, training and walking he or she through their roles.
  3. Spend a little more time on the intros. It’s tough to meet so many people in one day – giving a little background will the help the new employee learn a little about each person and hopefully make some initial connections.

What do you think? Will these tips help you acclimate new employees in a more engaging way?

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